Mighty Monkeys

Many Mighty Monkeys (4–6-year-olds) join us shy and nervous, gripping onto parents and carers as they shuffle into the training venues. But after their first session they bristle with excited energy as their confidence soars with a newfound love of Martial Arts.   

Our instructors expertly hold the attention of the class. They make sure every child feels included and at ease. They gain the respect and focus of all Mighty Monkeys through being inclusive, approachable, and creating a fun environment their students actively want to be part of. 

Our Mighty Monkeys form friendships that will grow with them as they progress through their martial arts journey. It is the best possible introduction to Martial Arts that any parent or carer could give their child. 

Teaching Key Life Skills

“My son joined Mighty Monkeys two years ago and worked his way through to Mighty Monkeys Black belt.  It has given him focus and drive. He loves it so much, that when asked at school who he wanted to be like when he was older and he said “My dad, and Mr Nicholson.”

It has taught him great life skills, respect, commitment and responsibility. He is also more aware and keen to stay fit and exercise.  

He now does Taekwondo, and looks forward to progressing further at each grading.”

Hannah, Northampton

We would recommend Proaction Martial Arts Mighty Monkeys. Our daughter is a little willow the wisp and has no problem joining in, she thoroughly enjoys herself every session. The instructors carry out their lessons in a fun and structured fashion, whist holding the little one’s attention.

Our Grading Syllabus

Mighty Monkeys learn everything needed to seamlessly progress to the foundation Taekwon-Do or Kickboxing classes – 24 fundamental martial arts moves, 16 fun pad work drills, 4 traditional forms. 

They also learn eight life skills including teamwork, stranger awareness and first aid. 

Every 12 to 14 weeks is a graduation event where they demonstrate their newly learnt skills. If successful, they will receive the next colour belt in the grading structure. 

The Mighty Monkeys has an eight-belt grading syllabus. 

All our instructors are registered with the International Tae kwon-Do Federation (ITF), are DBS checked and cleared to work with children, first aid trained and fully insured.


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