Charlotte Smith has been with training with Proaction for almost three of years and as a result her confidence has grown massively. Last year she attended our In-House competition and here she shares her experience and top tips for getting the most out of the day:


“Last years In-House Competition at the Proaction Academy was my first competition. I felt apprehensive, but also curious about what the day would bring. When I got there it was encouraging to see many friendly and familiar faces among those who would be taking part. The majority of us had never experienced a competition before so didn’t know what to expect.


“The Academy was filled with people of all ages and abilities from all of the Proaction training venues. Having a timetable of what the day was going to consist of was extremely reassuring and kept everyone organised.


“Competing against students from other Proaction venues certainly built relationships and widens the Proaction community. All the instructors and staff provide lots of encouragement and motivation to the students and are well respected by all grades.


Incredible feeling of support  


“There were lots of families there also who had come along to support not only their family member, but also the event itself.  With so many competitors and spectators there was a fantastic energy generated within the Academy throughout the day.


“If you are unsure if taking part in this type of event is your thing then I would seriously recommend signing up for the In-House competition this year. It is the ideal opportunity to learn about the layout and structure of the day in a safe and friendly environment.


Why should you consider the in-house competition?


“Whether you go along just for the experience, or to gain an insight into what an external competition might look like it really is worth taking part.  If you are potentially considering representing the club in the future, the day provides you with so many answers to the questions that you may have.


“The experience in participating in the Proaction In-House Competition was remarkable and extremely beneficial. You may even come home with a medal or two as an added bonus.”



Charlotte’s in-house competition top tips


  1. Make sure you get there on time. There is usually lots of people registering, lots of people to lined up for each doubt so make sure you get there on time.


  1. Remember all of your kit. It can get hot in the academy, so summer uniform is best and if you’re sparring you will need all of your sparring kit. Also put your name on it otherwise you could be sifting through the lost property box at the end of the day.


  1. Pack lots of water and healthy snacks. You’ll be using a lot of energy so make sure you bring lots of food and drink to keep you going.


  1. Bring some activities (e.g. Uno/reading book) as there can be some long periods of down time. Some people bring games consoles remember your chargers!


  1. Try your best and enjoy yourself.



Sign up for the in-house competition today

It takes place on Sunday 9th July at the Academy in Northampton from 08:30.

If you are interested in attending the in-house competition you will recieve an email when registration is open.

Depending upon your division (age, height, belt, etc) there are up to three categories you can choose to compete in:

  • Special technique
  • Patterns
  • Sparring

You can find out more information on our In-House competition page or if you have any specific questions please contact us via email or call us on 07717 116 115.