This past weekend, our headquarters in Northampton buzzed with excitement as students from our 15 locations across the region gathered for the much-anticipated Mighty Monkey Competition. It was a testament to the hard work, dedication, and talent of our young martial artists, who showcased their skills and spirit with pride.

At Mighty Monkeys, our program caters to children aged 4 to 6, providing them with a nurturing introduction to the world of martial arts. Many of our little warriors join us initially shy and hesitant, clutching onto their parents’ hands for support. However, it’s heartwarming to witness their transformation after just one session and now entering the competition with such confidence, self esteem and pride in themselves! They radiate enthusiasm, their confidence soaring as they discover a newfound love for martial arts.


Central to our program’s success are our dedicated instructors, who possess the remarkable ability to engage and inspire our Mighty Monkeys. They create a supportive and enjoyable environment where every child feels included and valued. Through their inclusive approach and infectious enthusiasm, our instructors instill not just martial arts skills, but also essential life lessons such as teamwork, stranger awareness, and first aid. Our Mighty Monkeys are a big team and they all respect and care for one another and this was reflective in the competition!


The Mighty Monkey journey is a comprehensive one. Over time, our young students master fundamental martial arts moves, pad work drills, and traditional forms. They also develop invaluable life skills that will serve them well beyond classes. Every 12 to 14 weeks, we celebrate their progress with a graduation event, where they demonstrate their newfound skills and, if successful, receive the next colour belt in our grading structure.


The recent Mighty Monkey Competition was a showcase of talent and determination. Among the winners were names that shone brightly, reflecting their dedication and skill:


Forms Category 1:

1. Trisha – PMA Banbury

2. David – PMA Kettering

3. Viktorie – PMA Banbury / Judson – PMA Northampton


Forms Category 2:

1. Zachary – PMA Kettering

2. Kavelle – PMA Leicester

3. Zaynah – PMA MK2 Friday / Lucas – PMA Banbury


Forms Category 3:

1. Reuben – PMA Coventry

2. Emilia – PMA Northampton

3. Maisie – PMA Kettering / Jack Stokes – PMA Coventry


Flag Sparring Category 1:

1. Christian – PMA Kettering

2. Olivia – PMA Banbury

3. Ivaani – PMA Leicester / Liyon – PMA Coventry


Flag Sparring Category 2:

1. Jack – PMA Coventry

2. Alfie – PMA Northampton

3. Emilia – PMA Northampton / Charlie – PMA Banbury


Flag Sparring Category 3:

1. Kavelle – PMA Leicester

2. Reuben – PMA Coventry

3. Mark – PMA Wellingborough / Keir – PMA Daventry


High Kick Winners:

Elizabeth, Emilia & Kavelle


Additionally, we crowned Kavelle as the overall winner, showcasing outstanding performance with two golds and one silver medal across different categories.


This event not only celebrates the achievements of our young martial artists but also underscores the importance of programs like Mighty Monkeys in nurturing confidence, discipline, and resilience in children. As we continue to witness the growth and success of our Mighty Monkeys, we look forward to empowering more young minds and shaping the martial arts champions of tomorrow.


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