Dear Proaction Community,
We are extremely excited to share with you our newest team members have qualified! After a year of training, development and studying – our newest recruits completed their graduation last month- and have already blended into our tight-knit team. The fresh dedication and passion has elevated our team once again!

🎉 A Warm Welcome🎉

Their enthusiasm, determination, and love for martial arts are not only inspiring but also essential pillars of our Proaction family.
From day one, our new instructors embraced every obstacle and triumph with unwavering courage. The challenges they faced during initiation tested them and pushed them beyond their limits and forging bonds that will undoubtedly last a lifetime.

🚀Adding Value to Proaction🚀

As they’ve integrated into our team, their unique skills and perspectives have enriched Proaction. Their fresh ideas, coupled with their commitment to excellence, have strengthened our team’s mission to inspire others and been a great reminder of the passion and fire we all share for martial arts.
With each successful instructor course completed, our Proaction family continues to grow stronger and we get refuelled with inspiration! The experiences shared during initiation not only solidified our bonds but also paved the way for future successes together.

😀Initiation Day Highlights😀
As tradition we had an amazing, fun & exciting but nonetheless challenging initiation day! They completed a journey from Wellingborough embankment to Chester House filled with challenges that tested their physical prowess and mental fortitude. With water guns in hand, our team added a splash of fun to the mix, ensuring laughter echoed throughout the day.
Tug of war, outdoor “trapped” challenges, and an escape room experience brought our team closer together and fostered bonds that will undoubtedly last a lifetime. As they navigated each challenge, it reminded us how our strength lies not only in our individual abilities but also in our unity as a team.
To cap off the day, we embraced our adventurous spirit with a thrilling session of axe throwing, we also created memories as a team that will last a lifetime.

As we look ahead to the exciting journey ahead, let’s carry forward the reignited passion and development. Here’s to our newest instructors, to our growing Proaction family, and to the limitless possibilities that lie ahead! Good luck on your journey’s guys!

With gratitude,
#CelebratingSuccess #WelcomeToTheFamily
Feel free to share your thoughts and join in the celebration! 🎉