Founded in 2002 by Chief Instructor Tom Nicholson, Proaction Martial Arts and Fitness is now one of the largest martial arts schools in Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and the West Midlands.

Over the last two decade we’ve grown massively. We have thousands of members and multiple clubs across four counties and several cities. But the one thing that has remained the same is our commitment to being a force for positive change.

We treat every member as an individual. Our instructors know everyone by name and make sure their student’s needs are catered for during lessons. We pride ourselves on creating an atmosphere that is nurturing, focused, and welcoming to make all our members feel comfortable and at ease. An environment that all members actively want to be a part of. 

The transformation of our members is what truly inspires us. It is without doubt the most rewarding part of what we do at Proaction. We hear from parents and carers that their children have gone from being marginalised and bullied in school to confident, self-assured individuals that have a solid sense of purpose. 

Our principal aim is to improve the lives of all our members. We celebrate every milestone with them from successfully working their way through the grading structure, to taking on personal challenges with the confidence they’ve gained from training with us.


Proaction was born out of a passion for martial arts and the empowerment of continued learning. Through his energy and passion Tom brings out the best in our instructors, members, and members family.

Having been a martial arts enthusiast from an early age, Tom’s lifelong dream was always to become a Tae Kwon-Do instructor with his own school. His dream became a reality in September 2002 when he hosted his first lesson in Wellingborough, Northants (having attained his instructor qualifications and valuable experience 4 years prior).

He could see how martial arts could benefit so many people. He felt compelled to help people become the best that they could be. He wanted to give opportunities to those who might not have them. And he wanted to give people the freedom and confidence to follow their passion like he had.

Tom is instrumental in training all our instructors. He instils compassion, caring and understanding as a fundamental approach to our teaching. All our instructors enjoy a fulfilling career that gives them flexibility, purpose, and an unrivalled satisfaction.

Every location where we have a club is because our instructors wanted to give the opportunity to learn martial arts, to local people. We saw opportunities to create a better future. We saw opportunities to help people become their best selves and find purpose. We saw opportunities to help people create lifelong friendships.

We are incredibly proud of our school, how our members grow as individuals, and our outstanding instructor team who turn ambition into reality.

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