Proaction Martial Arts is more than just a martial arts club or place of training – it’s a community. As members of the Proaction community, we – staff, instructors, and members – have responsibilities to each other, which, when met, allow all members to achieve their full potential and our Club to flourish.


Our principal purpose is to improve the lives of all our members. We celebrate every milestone with them from successfully working their way through the grading structure, to taking on personal challenges with the confidence they’ve gained from training with us.


Our Members Charter has been developed through conversations with our instructors and you, our members. We’ve incorporated your feedback into this document and take it very seriously. We are fully committed to its implementation.

What is the Members Charter?

The Member’s Charter sets out what we can all expect of each other. It is a declaration of our shared values, rather than a rule book. Our Member’s Charter describes ways in which all members of the Proaction Martial Arts community should work together in partnership and is underpinned by five principles:


  1. Lifelong Learning: To strive to learn at every interaction and every opportunity, regardless of age, status or grade. 
  1. Respect: To treat others (people and objects) as we would wish to be treated, with due regard, love and care. 
  1. Integrity: To be honest in all that we do and remain within our moral principles.
  1. Professional: To approach all that we do with a positive, calm, and mature manner, striving for excellence in every interaction and in all areas.
  2. Community: To share our common interests and build social bonds, secured with a positive and caring atmosphere for all.

 As our Club continues to change and evolve, we will review this Charter every year to ensure it reflects our current needs and challenges, while continuing to support the key aim of helping all our members to succeed.


Our values

As members of a welcoming and inclusive community we will:


  1. Treat each other with courtesy and respect, respecting the rights of individuals to hold different beliefs and views and to express them appropriately.
  2. Value diversity, anticipate and challenge inequalities, so all feel a sense of belonging.
  3. Communicate with each other in ways which are clear, relevant, accurate and timely.
  4. Actively support the Proaction community to engage with all its members to foster a vibrant community and to promote member’s interests.
  5. Share the responsibility for learning and make a commitment to upholding the highest standards of the Taekwon-do tenets.
  6. Each play our role in enabling equitable high-quality learning and advancing knowledge and understanding of martial arts ensuring every student is supported.
  1. Work to maintain and enhance the standards and reputation of our Club recognising the contributions that all members make to its success.
  2. Work to create an environment that is nurturing, focused, and welcoming, one that all members can be actively part of.
  3. Work to create an environment that all members actively want to be a part of.