Sunday 9th July saw the Academy turned into the host venue of our annual in-house competition. Which was our best in-house competition ever!


Our in-house competition is always the embodiment of our club’s core values – respect, integrity, professionalism, and community – and this year’s event surpassed all expectations and demonstrated the true essence of Proaction’s spirit.


The queues outside the Academy started early as we had a record number of members register this year – in total there were 175 members competing throughout the day. The quality of performance and effort on display was outstanding and the level of sportsmanship amazing. It can be hard to congratulate someone who has just defeated you, but it is an important part of martial arts, and everyone showed such respect for each other.


The exceptional atmosphere throughout the Academy was nothing short of magical. Everyone radiated such energy and support for one another, creating an atmosphere of encouragement and celebration. Cheers, applause, and high-fives resonated throughout the day, exemplifying the strong sense of community that defines our club.


The bouts were fast paces and exciting. We even had two bouts that went to golden point, which is a first for us but shows the high standard of the competitors.  Speaking about the level of talent display on the day, Chief Instructor, Mr Tom Nicholson, said “All our competitors poured their hearts and souls into their performances, delivering awe-inspiring displays of talent that left both judges and spectators in awe.”


“I am immensely proud of each and every team member who participated and contributed to this unforgettable event. Behind every successful event like our in-house competition is the unwavering support from our members and their families, our office team, and our instructors. All their dedication, passion, and united spirit are the driving force that makes the in-house competition possible.”


We can’t wait until next year when we’ll try and make it bigger and better. Will you be part of next year’s competition?