Two competitors will perform a pattern of their choice (up to but not higher than their own grade level) at the same time, to be scored against one another. 

If a competitor performs a form higher than that of their grade, they are disqualified 

If a competitor pauses for 2 seconds or longer, they lose, provided their opponent completed their pattern 

No weighting is to be given to the level of the pattern (i,e a performance of Toi-Gye (pattern 7) does not carry any more weight than a performance of Chon-Ji (pattern 1)) 

A minimum of three judges will vote for the best based upon the following criteria: 

  • Correct Movements in the correct sequence 
  • Technique 
  • Power 
  • Confidence 
  • Realism 
  • Rhythm / Timing 

Categories will be governed by Belt level and age 

Competitors will be mixed Male / Female divisions, unless numbers allow for separation (Adults are more likely to be separated than Juniors). 

Medals for 1st, 2nd and 2x 3rd place 



 Juniors: 1 x 1min 15sec 

Seniors: 1 x 1min 45sec 

LIGHT CONTACT ONLY is allowed.  Any ‘head rocking’ movement will constitute excessive force, unless this is deemed the fault of the receiver (i.e. walking on to a technique)

All competitors at 12 or under, who are 7th gup (TKD Green stripe or KB Yellow belt or lower) will be restricted to body only sparring – NO head contact

Contact decisions will be made at the discretion of the referee in charge of that bout 

Contact decisions will also take in to account perceived intent 

Full and Approved Safety Equipment must be worn by ALL competitors 

Any competitor without FULL and approved safety equipment will be disqualified 

Full safety equipment includes: 

  • Head Guard 
  • Gum Shield (unless medical condition prevents the wearing of this) 
  • Boxing Gloves (juniors 6oz or 10oz / adults 10oz or 16oz) OR 
  • Open hand ‘points’ gloves 
  • Groin Guard (optional for females) & must be worn inside the uniform 
  • Shin guards 
  • Kick Boots 
  • Chest Protectors (optional) 


All safety equipment must be in good order, and not ripped or damaged in any way 

Warnings will be given, but this is a ‘grass roots’ competition and so referees will encourage and advise younger competitors verbally also, in conjunction with issuing warnings where necessary


Warnings will be given for the following:  

Loss of balance (any body part other than the feet touches floor) 

Excessive Contact 

Talking in any way to the referee and/or judges and/or other competitors 

Using an illegal technique 



Travelling outside of the ring 

 On the 3rd warning the competitor loses a point.   

On the fourth warning they will be disqualified (not including travelling warnings)

Officials will mark each warning against the penalised competitors name on the draw sheet and notify the referee on the third and fourth violation. 

 If a travelling violation occurs the bout will restart from 1ft distance inside the ring from where the violation occurred.

A competitor cannot be disqualified for travelling or for loss of balance, even if one of these is ‘violation number 4’ in a round, unless the referee deems that it is deliberate or excessive.

The referee has the right to disqualify any competitor if there is a deliberate cause of harm or uncontrolled aggressive behaviour towards their opponent or poor sportsmanship without giving any warnings.  

Warnings start from zero on each new bout. 


Verbal Disagreements  

Any student, (or students parent/guardian), who argues with the referee or any official on the ring or in the competition arena will be disqualified immediately from that event (and asked to leave the venue immediately if a  parent/guardian – even if siblings are yet to complete).  

If the competitor has a discrepancy he/she must approach the main table immediately after and log a concern in a respectful and polite manner with the ring official or ring manager. Only the competitor can voice a dispute. The Jury President’s decision is final.  


Competition organisers and officials have the right to disqualify and remove any person/parent or Instructor etc from the competition venue for bad sportsmanship or antisocial behaviour, money non refundable.  


Contact Violations  

All sparring is strictly light contact only.  

All techniques must stop or be withdrawn on contact, any technique that has intent to cause harm or follow through will be penalised with a warning, loss of a point or instant disqualification.  

Competitors will also incur a warning, loss of point or disqualification if they continue to strike after the referee has called stop, or if techniques are missing, but have the intent to be excessive (i.e. following through far past the potential target).  



Sparring points:  

Any legal hand technique to head or body=1 point 

Any legal kick to the body=2 points 

Any legal kick to the head=3 points (at the correct age and grade level)

Controlled jump or spin kick to the head=4 points (at the correct age and grade level)


Legal striking areas are: 

Head (but not the back) 

Front of torso

Above the belt 


Legal strikes are

Controlled punch(es) to legal area (including straights, hooks and uppercuts – the key is CONTROL)

Controlled straight back fist to legal area 

All controlled kicks to a legal area where hands do not touch the floor 

ABSOLUTELY NO swing punches / spinning back fists / elbows / knees / low kicks / sweeps / throws 

In the result of a draw the bout will re-start immediately for a further 30 seconds (judges points start from 0 / warnings carry through) 

In the event of a second draw, the bout will re-start immediately again for a further 30 seconds (judges start from 0 / warnings carry through) 

In the event of a third drawer the referee and 2 mirror judges will stand and score on a ‘1st point wins’ basis – 2 judges must be in agreement for a point to count. 


Medals for 1st, 2nd and 2x 3rd place 


Flying High Side Kick 


Competitors must take a run up and jump a rope at a set height (secured loosely via magnet at each end) and kick a target (with a side kick) 

The target will be a ‘smartie pad’. 

There will be 3 judges: 

1 to check the rope is entirely cleared and not touched with any part (including clothing) of the competitor. 

1 to check that the correct technique is used (side kick) and that contact is made with the pad with the side of the foot in a horizontal position

1 to check that the competitor lands correctly, with only feet touching the floor, and that the competitor completes a guarding stance 


All judges must raise their hand to indicate correct execution.  Should any judge not raise their hand then it is considered a failed attempt and the competitor will not proceed to the next round. 

 The rope height increases each round 

Medals: 1x Gold medal (No Silver or Bronze) 


 Power (Aged 18+) 


Female Leg Technique will be side kick 


Female Hand Technique will be knife-hand 


Male Leg Technique will be side kick


Male Hand Technique will be knife-hand 

All competitors must start and finish in a guarding stance 


Correct technique must be executed, striking with the correct part of the foot/hand 


Only one measure up is allowed.  Should the competitor take a second measure, they will be disqualified 


When performing the measure up, the competitor IS allowed to touch the board, but only lightly. 


A broken board is awarded as 1 point. 


A cracked board is awarded as ½ a point 


The competitors with the most points will progress to the next round. 


Each round the strength of the boards will be increased (either by using a more difficult board, or by adding a board).  If equal boards are persistently broken, and it is deemed necessary, the competitors will then be asked to perform with the opposing side (i.e. a tie has occurred with 2 competitors consistently breaking equally with their right hand – the referee can ask for the decider to be made using the left hand)


When only one competitor is left, they are the winner 


Only one gold medal will be awarded 




It is expected for all students to be clapped and cheered by all with no exceptions.  


All communication should remain positive at all times, with praise given not just for results, but for effort, willingness to give 100% sportsmanship and courage.


 All persons in attendance are expected to uphold the highest level of respect for the instructors, the staff and helpers, the competitors, the facilities and themselves.

Staff Role Explanations


Competition President

To oversee the competition as a whole ensuring that all staff are carrying out their roles to the best of their abilities, and seeking opportunity to give learning experiences wherever necessary/possible.  A ‘second opinion’ for the Jury President if ever felt necessary.


Jury President

To Oversee the ‘active’ ring, ensuring that the competitors are safe and the staff are performing to the best of their ability, whilst ensuring they give learning opportunities to staff wherever necessary/possible.  Managing the swift continuation of activity to complete all actions in as timely manner as possible and appropriate for all. To award the final decision of the judges.



To keep time during sparring rounds and instruct the referee when the round is over.  To keep a track of any warnings / violations issued.



To keep track of individuals progress through the rounds, recording their names in to the next rounds on draw sheets.  To communicate with the runners to ensure that the next competitors are ready to keep the competition moving swiftly  



To communicate with the ‘Draws’ and to ensure that the next competitors are physically ready in the correct place.  To alleviate fears wherever possible and ensure swift movement of competitors to correct sections.  



To score bouts fairly and to the best of their ability and training, remaining focused solely on the competitors in action, with no bias to any person or persons.



To ensure the safety of the ‘active’ competitors, whilst managing the activity through the issuing of warnings / violations and the like to ensure a fun and safe experience for all.  To raise the hand of the winning competitor once confirmed by the Jury President.


First Aid

To offer support, advise, and basic first aid to any injured competitor and their family members,